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A Telephonic Suggestion
As the Singers are to be Invisible, How Would it Do to Have the Voices Labeled with Characteristic Portraits, as Above?
Puck Magazine Back Cover; Vol. 1 No. 3, March 28, 1877; 12 1/2 " w x 9 " h
Mr. Fritsch, Mm. Lucca, M. (Sir Charles?) Santley, Miss (Clara Louise?) Kellog, Sig. (Pasquale?) Brignoli, E. Pappenheim

In January of 1877, Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for his electro-magnetic telephone. On May 4 he gave a public demonstration at the Boston Music Hall with voices transmitted from multiple locations. Signor Brignoli sang his part from the Providence Music Hall. A three-part song was transmitted from Somerville, MA.

For more information, see Wikipedia's Invention of the Telephone.
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