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– or a Hint to Country Gentlemen
how to save their Fences.




Hand-colored Engraving
Published October 1827 by McClean Hay Market
13 9/16"w x 9 5/8"h


A man, woman, and boy stand outside a broken park paling, near an open gate. The man is out-at-elbows and holds a bill-hook; the other two, in more ragged clothes, are laden with wood from the paling. A large Notice is fixed to a tree: Those persons who have been in the habit of stealing my fence for a considerable time past are respectfully informed that if agreable to them it will be more convenient to me if they steal my wood; and leave the fence for the present, and as it may be some little inconvenience in getting over the paling, the gate is left open for their Accomodation --. The man: Oh, we'll certainly accomodate the Gentleman and thank him too. A good Elm or two will last us all the Winter you know Bet!! Bet: Aye so it will John How cosey we shall be."

Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires Preserved in the Dept. of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum, ed. Frederick George Stephens, rev. Dorothy George, 11 vols. in 12. London: British Museum, 1870-1954, rev. 1968. #15489

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